humanity is my religion


We are an organization which welcomes people of all religions from all nations irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, nationality, religion or financial status. Our motto is to make Humanity as the first religion one should follow.

Human I am Foundation believes that awareness is the key & modes are we-humans. Almighty never defined or differentiated the rich or the poor, hindu, muslim, sikh or christian. It is we humans who created barriors and hence, it turned out to be the prima facie for all the chaos, wars and destruction. It is high time we must understand and realize that before we follow any religion it is Humanity, the race we all originally belong too.


During the summers of May 2016 when the mercury was pointing at 43 degrees, we went out to distribute packs of juice and buttermilk to those who toil in the day to earn a bread so that they could live another day. We named this project Pyar ki Taravat.


Our team scanned the slums and thereafter reached them to distribute clothes, toys and snacks and had a nice time with them to make their Deepawali a blessed one. It was nothing but just a little Prayas(try) to bring smile on the faces of the people around us.


This World Environment Daywe at Human I am Foundation organised an art competition with motive to make these children aware of the climate change and methods to control the pollution rise in the environment we live; be it trees, water, rivers, animals or birds they all have vital role in Eco-System.


Under this project we train school/college going girls Kalki Art of Self Defense techniques so that they walk on streets fearlessly. Under this project we equip girls with specially developed self defence techniques for females, which are very easy to learn and at the same time highly effective and reality based self defence art, known as Kalki Art of Self Defence based on commando techniques and ancient Indian Marshal Arts.



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